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Indeed, the Freedom Forum is also chained by red tape and constraints. So, with this in mind, we need this category to make announcements that affect the message boards. In fact, please make this area your firsts stop, and watch for updates.
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Post by King » Sat Apr 25, 2015 12:53 am

The Freedom Palace Forum Forum Rules.

These forums are for use by anyone.
The forums are based around you and your freedoms, however, we have a multitude of categories on many subjects.

We have to have a few rules in place to ensure we keep these message boards running smoothly.
If you do not agree with the forum rules then please do not join the forum as they are here for a reason.
The rules will not be bent at any time for anyone and you can expect a ban should you break them

01) By joining the forum you agree to stick by the rules of the Freedom Palace website or anything associated with it.
02) Anything you post anywhere on the Freedom Palace website is your responsibility.
03) No flaming other members in any way.
04) No porn and no links to it.
05) No extreme images or links to them.
06) No links to anything considered illegal or unlawful.
07) No spam.
08) Only English must be used.
09) No swearing will be allowed.
10) Keep on topic as much as possible.
11) Post new threads in the appropriate forum.
12) TBA
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