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Firstly, the Freedom Palace Forum is a sister site of the United Free People. In fact, why not join today and help others in the struggle against tyranny and oppression. In effect, you can help everyday people to break free from the shackles of their mind prisons. The message boards contain many categories so you can have your say on any subject. We have forums for Lawful Rebellion and Freeman-on-the-Land issues including legal matters too. However, for those who don't want to get too deep into the core subjects, we have a general lounge for all. In any event, we hope you enjoy your stay.

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To begin with, this section is the links to our blogs posts on the United Free People website. With this in mind, if you have any strong ideas or have known facts and figures you can always register and post them here. On the whole, we welcome all people interested in the Freedom Movement to join up and share knowledge here. Also, if you have writing skills, you can have a free hand to do as you please, within reason. However, those who have little writing skills can seek help from members of staff or other members if necessary. In effect, everyone is welcome here at whatever level they are in the Freedom Movement.

Social Media

A good way of sharing information these days is over the internet, in particular, social media. The first thing to remember is that big brother is ALWAYS watching. In effect, there really is no such thing as free speech. However, despite the limitations forced upon us, social media still allows a lot of information exchange to take place. With this in mind, we have a selection of alternative video channels on offer as well as other like-minded channels. Also, we have included a freedom song section for the musical-minded. Finally, if you have a suitable youtube channel that you want displayed, then contact us.

Friendly Links

Firstly, you are not alone! You have also arrived here presumably with the thoughts of setting yourself free or becoming more free. By and large, we are not alone here at the United Free People website either. In fact, there are many websites out there with an abundance of knowledge and information on the subjects that we care about most. All in all, sites like these compliment each other. With this in mind, we will list and link to those we see as 'freedom friendly' websites. Likewise, we will not discriminate. Tell us if you know of any suitable sites that we could also add to the list.
By and large, the United Free People website is a hub for free thinking people. As well as a freedom forum, we also have an information section and a blog, including various other interesting articles. All in all, freedom is what we set out to achieve. Therefore, by joining forces with us, you can help many people in their day-to-day struggles. You can also do your bit to inform, educate or entertain other like-minded people. On the whole, sharing your knowledge and experiences here, will do just that. Obviously, if you find some time to offer a little input of your own, we would be grateful. Finally, freedom matters, never forget that!
Disclaimer: Firstly, all content on this website is the work of individual people, and as such, is their own opinions and ideas. The content also does not necessarily reflect the views of the management or anyone who helps keep up the site. This website does not intend to offer any lawful or legal advice, nor does it imply that it does. Also, any published content on, or sub-domains thereof, is for information exchange and entertainment purposes only. By and large, it is up to each person to do their own research on matters that affect them and act responsibly. In effect, the management, including anyone else connected in any way to United Free People or any of its sub-domains, does not, under any circumstances whatsoever, accept any responsibility for any advice or recommendations made by, or implied by, any member or visitor to our websites that results in any loss whatsoever to any member of our websites or anyone else. The management also cannot be responsible for the content of any other website that is linked to from ours. Finally, please bookmark us and help our community to grow in a constructive and responsible way.